Formax® Rebuilds and Parts for Formax® Machines

We recently rebuilt a Formax® machine with high quality Tomahawk replacement parts. The customer is exceedingly happy with the results.  If you own an old and/or worn down Formax® machine that you want to give a whole new life, contact Tomahawk Manufacturing, Inc. 

A Formax® patty forming machine combined with Tomahawk's industry leading quality patented parts is an excellent combination. a best of both worlds. If you want the best of our world take a look at our patty forming machines


Making your Formax® Better

When we rebuild a Formax® machine, we replace the OEM parts with our own superior parts. We can add improvements to the Formax® machine based on our patented Multi-Flow technology, Anti-Leak Pump Box Window, Vitalloy(tm) allowy shuttle bearings, shuttle arms that last 5x longer than OEM bearings. When Tomahawk Manufacturing, Inc. rebuilds your Formax® forming machine, it will work better than when you bought it brand new!

Formax® Replacment Parts

The parts we use when reubilding a Formax® F-26, or any other Formax® food forming machine are also available for sale. Perhaps most importantly we can supply preventive maintenance kits so you can assure zero downtime in-between scheduled maintenance. Our parts are crafted using superior metals, our best prodcuts utilize Vitalloy(TM) to last longer than bronze parts. Your machine will run longer and be stronger with Tomahawk Manufacturing, Inc's Formax® replacment parts.