Tomahawk Manufacturing Rebuilt Forming Systems and Tomahawk Replacement Parts for Forming Systems

Tomahawk Manufacturing has the experience and capabilities to rebuild forming systems with Tomahawk Manufacturing's forming system parts. Each year, Tomahawk Manufacturing rebuilds several forming systems, building new life into old equipment. A used forming system combined with Tomahawk's quality parts is an excellent option when you are looking to rebuild a forming system and extend the life of your equipment.

Tomahawk Manufacturing Design Solutions for Rebuilt Forming Systems

When Tomahawk Manufacturing rebuilds a Forming System, we replace many of the OEM parts with new Tomahawk Manufacturing parts. Tomahawk can add new components to your forming system such as the Tomahawk patented Multi-Flow technology, Anti-Leak Pump Box Window, and Vitalloy™ Shuttle Bearings. When Tomahawk Manufacturing rebuilds a 6 series, 400 series, 19 series or 26 series forming system, depending on the model, you will get to see the Tomahawk difference through the installation of items including the Tomahawk developed program on an Allen Bradley® Touchscreen and electronics package, Hydraulic Mold Cover Lift System, 2-piece Hopper Cover Design, and a Stainless-Steel Right-Angle Gearbox. The installation of these items on a rebuilt forming system will provide new life to your worn-down forming system. Tomahawk’s Multi-Flow technology also provides an opportunity for increased production outputs.

Tomahawk Manufacturing Forming System Parts

Tomahawk Manufacturing engineers and sells high quality parts and tooling used in 6 series, 400 series, 19 series, and 26 series forming systems for most OEM forming equipment regardless of the brand. Tomahawk Manufacturing is also a leader in supplying preventive maintenance kits to help avoid costly downtime in-between scheduled maintenance. Tomahawk crafts parts with materials like Vitalloy™ to strive for improved performance and longevity. Our Team helps keep your forming system running great for years to come with parts, tooling, and engineering solutions from Tomahawk Manufacturing.


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