Tomahawk's New TM-27 Interleaver Paper System

Tomahawk gives you a new and innovative product line that provides your company with the increased production flexibility you're looking for. Our new design allows you to get more out of your investment; providing our customers with a machine that operates as a conveyor, cuber, and paper interleaver machine all in one. This process allows our customers to cube or perforate both sides of the product prior to interleaving paper under the patty. Our new system will give your company the capability to add precious production time everyday by saving on set up and tear down.

Meat Processing Equipment - Interleaver

Meat Processing Equipment - Interleaver The Interleaver operates at speeds from 45 to 80 strokes per minute. The electrical system is designed to have the controls on the system itself or have them integrated to your former's touch screen. Choose to have the off-the-self Allen Bradley components in a remote location or in a NEMA IV enclosure on the interleaver. Our inbound and outbound conveyor speeds are separately adjustable, coupled with a flexible height and length conveyor to fit your specific freezer or pack-off zone.

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