Reciprocating Platen

Equipped with all stainless steel design, turning formed product into perfectly proportioned meatballs. Choose from stationary reciprocating upper platen or reciprocating unit with conveyor platen. . Learn more

Large Rotating Formed Roller

Equipped with all stainless steel design, this large 19” rotating formed roller machine can be built to fit various heights and widths, and be retrofit to run with larger forming equipment by request.. Learn more

Small Rotating Formed Roller

Equipped with all stainless steel design, this large 6” rotating formed roller machine can be built to fit various heights and widths. Great for Mom & Pop stores and smaller production floors. . Learn more

Forming Equipment

Meatball Rollers

OEM former operators need fast, friendly service to meet the challenging demands for their business!

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Reciprocating Platen

· Simple all stainless steal construction
· Multiple heights, lengths, and widths are available to meet production needs
· Easily change the height of the upper platen to change the size of the meatballs being formed
· Hydraulically or electrically drive; single or 3 phase (any voltage)
· Quick automatic release of upper platen allows for easy and safe cleaning

Read More in our Reciprocating Platen Brochure

Rotating Formed Roller 19"

· Can be designed to fit any size former
· Larger design , more product
· Self-cleaning, water sprayer can be manually run to clean roller quickly and efficiently
· Motor direct drive, no belts, chains, or pullies
· Various heights and widths


Rotating Formed Roller 6"

· Smaller footprint on floor allowing for future expansion
· Great for small mom and pop outfits
· Great for R&D projects or small runs
· Self-contained (all operating parts enclosed inside of cabinet: gear box, motor, speed adjustments

Read more in our Rotating Formed Roller Brochure

Built to Order

Not seeing the meatball roller your looking for? It’s because you haven’t had us make it yet. Tomahawk is a dynamic company that caters to the needs of our old and new customers alike. We pride ourselves on making sure that every customers has the right equipment in place in order  to succeed. Tell us what you need and Tomahawk engineers will go about making it a possibility. Go with the company that gives you options.

Meatball Roller

Tomahawk’s meatball rollers are equipped with all stainless steel construction, turning formed product into perfectly proportioned meat balls. All guards are engraved with safety instructions, not labels offering a much more sanitary working environment. Tomahawk’s meatball rollers can be equipped to run electrically or hydraulically, single phase or three phase, and on various voltages.

Rotating Formed Roller

Tomahawks rotating formed roller machines come with plastic or wire belting. Meat is shaped by a rotating formed roller matched up with a stationary shoe. Tomahawk offers a variety of different tooling types; meatball, kibe, ovule, *other shapes available upon request

what sets us apart
Technology with impressive payback

A popular rebuild package is Tomahawk’s patented Multi-Flow ®System. Giving you more product with every stroke. Multi-Flow® uses the Tomahawk connecting rod, which increases cycle speed 12 –20%. If replacement or repair is needed, time is reduced by as much as 70%.

Engineering customer service

Talk directly with our engineers on technical problems on our 24 hour service line. Get help taking current parts and adding a new robust design for better production; or get help identifying a part. Our engineering staff will work directly with you to help overcome any production problem head on. 

Quality and service that comes with Tomahawk Manufacturing

Get quality equipment, tooling, and parts that are better than or equal to your current OEM provider. We test our materials at independent labs to assure compliance with performance standards. With over 25 years specializing in the forming industry, we deliver the type of service you can count on.

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