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Tomahawk Manufacturing Understands the Challenges of Your Business!

Meat Processing operations need fast, friendly service to meet the challenging demands for their business!  Provide an alternative source for former spare parts, tooling and equipment that is competitively priced, responsive to needs and understands the quality required. 

Tomahawk Manufacturing was founded with these principles in mind.  It operates today with this same vision and purpose.  The Tomahawk team is driven to help you succeed because we know your business faces increasing pressure to meet competitive performance goals. 

Who We Are, Company Profile 

Tomahawk Manufacturing is a young and dynamic company that has been formed to better meet the demands and the growing needs of the food forming industry.    The company’s products and services will be marketed under the name of Tomahawk Manufacturing. One of the goals of Tomahawk is to be recognized worldwide as the premier producer of the most technologically advanced products in the food forming industry.   To achieve this goal Tomahawk must contribute to the success of all customers by providing the most value through their products and concurrently elevating the standards of the industry.  Excellence and innovation will be achieved without sacrificing integrity, honesty and respect for others whether customers, business employees or fellow employees.

Tomahawk has and will continue to expand upon certain innovative food forming technology.  Providing the industry with the fastest, safest, cleanest, most productive and most dependable food formers in the world will ultimately secure a major market share and the recognition as the leader in food forming machines.
Tomahawk Manufacturing is strategically positioned to become a leader in an industry that is in great need of an innovative catalyst for change.  Tomahawk is that catalyst.  Although the challenges are great, the opportunities are even greater.  With a new state-of the-art operations facility and with a dedicated staff of creative and energetic individuals, success is very attainable.

Our Services

Our employee’s skill and ambition are exceptionally important factors in our continued achievements. It is our intent to provide a relationship of mutual trust and respect, which will allow employees to achieve personal satisfaction from his or her work and contribute to our Company’s growth and success. Accordingly, it is our strategy:

To select, hire, and retain the most qualified people without discrimination to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, handicap, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status or arrest or conviction record, or any other discriminatory basis prohibited by state or federal law.
To provide wages, salaries and employee benefits that are competitive with those provided for similar positions in the local area and/or with industry competition.

To promote from within by providing opportunities for qualified employees to fill open positions when available.
To provide safe working conditions by maintaining an orderly operation by developing and adhering to policies and practices that insures the safety and health of our employees.

To encourage open discussion of all ideas, suggestions, problems and matters or concerns among employees and managers.
Each job is essential. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each one of us to keep Tomahawk Manufacturing growing and progressing by continually providing the best service every day we are on the job.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with an uncompromising dedication to quality and service at competitive rates, while maintaining the highest standard of ethics and integrity.

Our Vision

To grow into a position where we can offer our uncompromising dedication to quality and service in a global market, while maintaining the personal one-to-one attention for each and every customer.

Our Values

Fundamental to the success and growth of Tomahawk Manufacturing when it comes to meat processing equipment manufacturers are some very important values:

Customers are important

Our customers are the focus of everything we do.  All our work must be carried out with our customers in mind, whether they are internal or external.  We are dedicated to providing world-class service for all areas of our business.
Quality comes first   In order to satisfy our customers, the quality of our service must be better than the rest.
People are our strength   Our future depends on every individual’s contribution, involvement, teamwork, and communications that are our core values.
Continuous improvement is essential   We must continually evaluate and strive for excellence in all aspects of our business; our services, our human relations, our competitiveness, and our profitability.

Integrity is never compromised.

 All actions of our company and its employees must meet the highest standards of ethics.

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1204 Pilgrim Rd., Plymouth, WI 53073 United States

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Nijverheidsstraat 14-16, 2288 BB Rijswijk,
The Netherlands

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