TM 1000

Tomahawk’s 40”(1M) wide forming platform greatly increases production, incorporating exciting technology improvements that allow you to EXPECT MORE from your production.. Learn more

TM 26

The newest version of Allen Bradley controls and a custom design program with a user friendly maintenance screen, makes Tomahawk’s new TM-26 is the right choice for all your forming needs.. Learn more

TM 19

The TM-19 is equipped with a heavy duty reinforced frame and cam lock NEMA style doors. Take a deeper look into our lineup to see how we’ve taken our innovative ideas to form new industry standards.. Learn more

Forming Equipment

TM Series

OEM former operators need fast, friendly service to meet the challenging demands for their business!

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HD 15HP Drive Motor

- 15HP motor custome built to fit in a 10HP Frame
- Available in multiple voltages, 50Hz or 60Hz
- Built to handle the most rigorous speeds/pressures of any forming product. 

S.S. Right Angle Gearbox

- S.S. design compatible with other OEM models
- Designed for corrosion resistance, it doesn't rust, eliminates cover
- Offering customers a more sanitary gearbox near the food zone area
- Ability to repair and replace gearbox internals when they wear

HD Winsmith Reducer

- Uses double enveloping gears to double your reducer's life
- Providing two to four times the tooth drive contact over the single enveloping designs
- The housing is vented and comes with a fan, lowering oil temperature and improving lubrication

TXL Shuttle Bearings

- Made from oil impregnated polymer
- Food grade compatible 
-Requires NO lubrication for the life of the bearing
- Built to last two to three times longer 

Added Features to Increase Your Forming Machine Flexibility!

The Market is rapidly changing. By adding optional features like paper feed, you give your existing forming machine more flexibility to meet ever changing customer needs. Ask Tomahawk about other options which could improve the flexibility and productivity of your forming machine.

Rebuilt to Order= You Get What You Want!

A rebuilt machine offers new life and improved flexibility from existing formers. You choose how much to invest, what features to include. Typical rebuilds add features that increase strokes and productivity, add optional features such as paper feed modules, and update the machine controls to new devices. Rebuilding forming machines is not new to Tomahawk. Over forty rebuilt Tomahawk forming machines are meeting daily production requirements in numerous plants across the world. For more information on rebuilt machines, contact a representative at Tomahawk Manufacturing.

What sets us Apart
Mold Plates: Quality and Price are Equally Important!

We use superior quality materials like our patented TM-1 Alloy™ and high wear-resistant grades of cast iron to make superior quality mold plates that exceed industry standards. We provide complete serialized documentation and disciplined quality testing per ASTM standards. 

        Listen.     Improve.     Serve.

We develop improved parts that keep you running longer. Downtime is expensive, that’s why Tomahawk Manufacturing works directly with our customers to develop new and improved designs that decrease downtime, improve yields, and lower costly changeover expenses. 

Customer Service

Talk directly with our engineers on technical problems on our 24 hour service line. Get help taking current parts and adding a new robust design for better production; or get help identifying a part. Our engineering staff will work directly with you to help overcome any production problem head on. 

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